Southern Ute Growth Fund

GF Ventures, LLC

GF Ventures, LLC

A Southern Ute Company


Creating enduring value for the Southern Ute Indian Tribe through direct investment in new industries and markets.


The Southern Ute Indian Tribe has a long history of progressive business building and agile capital. In 2019, the Southern Ute Growth Fund created GF Ventures, LLC to manage the Tribe’s direct investment in new industries and markets. GF Ventures is dedicated to discovering and managing new business development opportunities resulting from direct investment, business acquisition and strategic partnerships.

Our mission is to create long-term value and enhance Tribal Member equity by diversifying and expanding the earnings base of the Growth Fund through direct investment in new industries and markets.

GF Ventures will be a catalyst for growth and source of innovation for the Tribe.

Our Approach…

In today’s competitive private equity and capital markets, GF Ventures is a unique strategic investor. Along the private equity continuum, GF Ventures focuses primarily on growth capital to lower middle-market companies with attractive EBITDA margins and positive cash flow. We target companies with proven technology, a defensible position in niche markets, and the capacity to build market leadership. We look for companies with good corporate governance, capable and committed management teams with a defined path toward growth.

GF Ventures will follow a “platform approach” to develop new operating verticals through direct investment in unique enterprises that share a common market. Our investment objectives prioritize above-market returns, free cash flow, and growth. We are “industry agnostic”. However, our core strategic objective is diversification, and, as such, we will avoid investment in oil & gas related industries or specific real estate focused investments.

We are different…


Our investment model is not focused on an exit strategy


We maintain a AAA credit rating and a strong balance sheet


Sovereign nation with history of progressive business-building and agile-capital


Committed to true partnership with incumbent management teams

GF Ventures is actively pursuing our next strategic investment. If you would like to learn more, or if you have investment ideas, please contact us.