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Contractor Environmental, Health, and Safety Management Program

The Southern Ute Growth Fund is dedicated to safety and environmental compliance in all operations. As part of our Contractor Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Management Program, we have established the Contractor EHS Expectations Policy and Procedure, which outlines and defines our minimum requirements and expectations while working at our facilities.

Parking LotIt is essential that these EHS rules and responsibilities are acknowledged and understood before starting work on Company property and/or projects. Please read, sign and return the signature page to your Growth Fund contract manager along with any other documentation requested.

All contractors are required to participate in the Southern Ute Growth Fund Contractor Safety Qualification Program.

Growth Fund enterprises may have additional EHS requirements for contractors working on their facilities or projects. Please check with the Growth Fund enterprise regarding their contractor policies and procedures.

Thank you for your commitment to our cooperative Contractor EHS Program. Your continued safety is our primary goal!


Contractor Safety Forms

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